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4 pcs set PUMA Butter knife with black ABS handle

Artikelnummer: ED10392

4 pcs set PUMA IP butter knives with serrated edge - All round camping and kitchen knives made of 1.4028 stainless steel and lime green ABS handle scales .

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Artikel-Nr. ED10392
EAN CODE 4251655406648
Klingenstahl 1.4028
Griff ABS red with 3 rivets
Gesamtlänge [cm] 22,8
Klingenlänge [cm] 12,7
Klingenstärke [mm] 1,6
Grifflänge [cm] 10,1
Gewicht (ohne / mit Scheide) [g] 232 / -



PUMA IP Butter knife with serrated edge.

Our designer Ernst Siebeneicher-Hellwig has added a serrated version to the popular series of hunchback knives.

Proven traditional shape from grandma's times with a blade made of modern stainless steel and an attractive handle material.

The serrated edge is particularly suitable for slicing food with a hard surface, such as bread or crusty baked rolls.

Even the tough skin of tomatoes can be cut through with ease.

The handles are made of ABS, a synthetic material that is particularly resistant to external influences.Five different attractive colors are offered. Each member of the family can choose their favorite color for their knife, or reserve an extra color for their guests.

In addition to the high utility value, this adds color to the breakfast table.

Should the knife ever lose its full sharpness after long intensive use, our Kubota roller sharpener, specially developed for sharpening serrated blades, is ideally suited for resharpening.

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