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A hunting knife is a knife that hunters use for a variety of hunting, killing and working activities. In principle almost every stable knife is suitable for this purpose. However, in the course of time, special forms of hunting appliances have become important for the various tasks.

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EST 2005

The company was founded 19 years ago.

The designer knives are produced by hand in selected workshops and are subject to strict quality assurance by the respective designer prior to delivery to the customer, which guarantees the highest quality standards.

Welcome! Ed Mahony

Ed Mahony was founded 19 years ago. The idea was (and still is today) to offer an alternative to the established knife companies that had been dominant until then. Until 2008, the knife market was dominated by relatively few suppliers, whose knives were usually offered at prices starting at 100 euros. Ed Mahony, for his part, was one of the first companies to understand that knives not only have to be good and expensive, but can also be good and inexpensive. Later, the same philosophy was applied to kitchen knives, where Ed Mahony not only developed the knife shapes (the design), but made exclusive agreements with factory and production facilities.

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Founded 19 years ago

High Quality

The company was founded 19 years ago. It was concerned with the import and marketing of inexpensive hunting and recreational knives.

The range was later extended by high quality kitchen knives made of Japanese steel.

The high-performance VG-10 steel is used for design designers. 
For the kitchen knives damask is used with a cutting layer 
of VG-10. The handles are made of G10, 
carbon fiber and various woods.
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